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Commando Washdown Monitors

The new Commando Washdown monitors are designed to automate wash down operations and can provide flexibility for complex fire protection requirements as well. The monitors can be trained to follow a wash down or fire fighting actions and then you can remotely run the routine once or multiple times. The user can configure the movement speed, the movement limits via Ethernet and can control the monitor remotely via Ethernet or RS-485 networks. The unit can be controlled through the web interface or by joystick.

The monitor is designed to be tough. No aluminium parts use exposed to the weather. All key components are protected from the weather (IP66) and from mechanical damage. Cables are run in flexible metal conduit.

A water valve can be controlled through the monitor and valve on/off actions are stored with monitor movement.

Control a monitor online with video feed here with access PIN # 8888

Try replaying the saved monitor routine. You can train a new one also. You can turn the video feed on and off by clicking on the video window.

This works best with Firefox or Chrome browsers since IE doesn’t handle video as well and might be a bit jerky.

If more than one person tries to operate the monitor it may not operate correctly. If you are having problems, come back later.