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Fluorine Free

Changing to Fluorine Free fire fighting foams. Changing from fluorine based fire fighting foam concentrate to fluorine free foam concentrate is much more challenging than you might imagine. This section of our website is dedicated to helping our customers understand the benefits and risks.


Foam Concentrate Tanks

Foam concentrate storage tank design is an expensive thing to get wrong. Here we have some essential information to maximise you foam concentrate life.


Foam Proportioning Systems

Foam proportioning system design is a very technical area. Here we provide some technical assistance for system designers.


Foam System Testing

Orion offers both foam concentrate sample testing and performance testing of complete foam systems. We bring a unique level of skills to these highly technical tasks. We have 30 years' experience designing foam system components and foam systems. Experience that gives us a depth of understanding that is hard to find anywhere else.


High Viscosity Foam Concentrates

High viscosity foams represent a substantial technical challenge for proper foam system design. Each concentrate will have unique flow characteristics and many manufacturers do no provide adequate information for the end user. Flow through valves and fittings is also more complicated and not fully understood.


Pumping from multiple foam tanks

Pumping from multiple foam tanks is not as easy as it seems and should be avoided where ever possible in foam system design.