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Foam Testing

Orion offers both foam concentrate sample testing and performance testing of complete foam systems. We bring a unique level of skills to these highly technical tasks. We have 30 years’ experience designing foam system components and foam systems. Experience that gives us a depth of understanding that is hard to find anywhere else.

We have formulated and tested AFFF’s, Class A foams and high expansion foams for over 20 years, so we understand foam concentrates and how they work in great detail. Foam concentrate testing is very difficult to do well and we bring these skills to the task.

Many testing bodies test against the UK MOD 42-40 specification. This is inappropriate. The MOD specification is for a specific application and most of the foam concentrates available are not formulated to comply with it. This will result in many false negative (failures). It will also pass foams that should fail. Using this specification sound authoritative but this is a simplistic approach with many problems.

Similarly, we have been testing foam system components are part of our manufacturing QA for nearly 30 years, and again, we understand the requirements. We also understand the limitations each type of system has and apply our knowledge to ensure that your systems are tested correctly, the first time.

The newest challenge facing foam system owners is to test in a way that is emissions free. We have been testing our products this way for more than a decade so we have experience to help with this challenge also.