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Around the Pump

We manufacture a range of around the pump proportioners and jet ratio controllers with and without metering valves.


Turbine Proportioner

We have a number of different turbine proportioners available to suit a range of applications. All proportioners are designed to be robust and corrosion resistant.


Pump Systems

We build foam pump units in a wide range of capacities and configurations, ranging from 20 lpm to over 1500 lpm concentrate flow rate. Units can be configured for surplus proportioning or ILBP proportioning.


Bladder Tanks

Orion bladder tanks are available in vertical and horizontal configurations. Standard tanks are rated for 12 Bar maximum working pressure, customised tanks are also readily available.


Fixed Line Proportioners

Line proportioners for fixed systems are available in a wide range of sizes from 25mm to over 150mm and materials to suit most requirements. Flow rates are customised. Orion has decades of experience with line proportioner systems.