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Fog Nozzles

Orion NF series fog nozzle provide exceptional performance with some of the longest throws available. They are rugged and corrosion resistant, providing decades of trouble free operation. Available in manual and remote controlled versions.


Foam Inducting Fog Nozzles

We have two designs for foam inducting fog nozzles, the Series 2 design provides exceptional range when throw is essential. The Series 3 nozzles are an economic design for less demanding applications.


Aspirated Foam Nozzles

With the move to fluorine free (F3) foams, aspirated foam nozzles will be more commonly used in future. Orion has decades of experience designing and manufacturing this type of nozzle. Available if manual and remote controlled versions.


Straight Jet Nozzles

Water jet nozzles find applications for fire fighting, washdown and hydraulic mining. Orion can engineer custom nozzles for special applications.